Een-benige Doutzen

Fotoshoppen oké, maar een heel been van Doutzen Kroes wegpoetsen…

We all know that magazines like to photoshop out any model’s flaws (or pores, or freckles, or thigh bulge)–but did someone at Vogue China really take such offense to Doutzen Kroes‘s leg that they had to completely erase it from the picture? Apparently so, as this is what happened in the magazine’s June 2012 editorial, lensed by Sølve Sundsbø, which Photoshop Disasters points out features a one-legged Kroes in the above photo.

Clearly, the retoucher took a lot of liberties with this editorial because the water and the raft look pretty fake and one-dimensional as well–but, then again, that could have been the point. The most bizarre part is that the retoucher clearly went to great trouble to photoshop in a shadow for Doutzen’s left leg where her right leg should be. Could this be a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Was niet de eerst keer dat het Vogue gebeurde, kijk goed naar de eerste foto…

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